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Sailing Lessons, Tampa, Florida. Sailing School.

SAILING SCHOOL - "Like a Virgin" - One Day Beginners Sailing Class

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5015 U.S. Highway 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652

This is our beginners sailing class for those who know little or nothing about sailing and would like to spend a day out on the water learning the basics.

What is covered

Your sailing class will begin first thing in the morning at our dock where you will spend about 30 minutes going over the sailboat and learning basic sailing terminology.

Then we'll fire up the iron genny (diesel engine), cast off and your next sailing lesson will be how to steer a 10,000 pound sailboat under power up a VERY narrow channel without hitting anything!

The trip up the channel will include instruction on basic rules of the road, who has right of way and when, navigational markers, and other useful information.

Hoist those sails!

Once we're in the open water, you will be shown how to hoist the mainsail (that big piece of canvas behind the mast). You'll cut the engine and begin sailing on the mainsail only.

Then we'll let you crank out the genny (the other piece of canvas in FRONT of the mast, also known as a jib).

The rest of the day will be spent on the following:

  • Feeling the wind direction

  • Learning the different points of sail: reaching, running, beating and everything in-between

  • You will learn how to tack and how to jibe

  • You will learn how to heave to (that is stop the sailboat without dropping the sails)

  • You will practice finding the groove (that is the best point of sail for the current wind and sail settings)

Back at the dock

Once back at the dock you will learn how to correctly tie up a sailboat:

  • How to tie off a cleat

  • How to set spring lines

  • How to tie that famous sailor's knot - a bowline


Yes, we will provide a course completion certificate upon request.



Our sailing courses are very flexible, so that if you have some sailing experience and don't need the full beginners instruction and would like to instead incorporate some of the subjects from the more advanced classes, we can certainly arrange that for you.


Download the manual

On the deck of the Formosa during sailing school

Looking forward while steering the sailboat during class

Hunter 30 foot sailboat from the side


Go to our Intermediate sailing class

RATE - $550

Price is for the whole boat - groups may be up to 4 people

Reservations require a 30% deposit


***We do NOT arrange placement with another group of less than 4 people. 

If you are a single student - book by yourself or find some more friends.***

Phone: 727.859.0213        Email Us

*Packages, Prices and Policies subject to change without notice and according to your attitude!

Rates DO NOT include gratuity for captain or crew.



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