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Tampa Sailing School - Clearwater Sailing Lessons - St Petersburg Sail Classes


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Windsong Sailing Charters operates an informal sailing school from our base in Gulf Harbors. We are located in New Port Richey, 30 minutes from Clearwater Beach and 60 minutes from St Petersburg and St. Pete Beach in the Tampa Bay area, Florida.


Just learn to sail

We are NOT an ASA Sailing School, you will NOT receive an ASA certification from us, but, you WILL know how to run a sailboat! We believe that many people out there just want to sail! No classroom, no exams, just sailing instruction for someone who wants to learn how to cruise a larger sailboat.

We simply put you behind the wheel of a 30+ foot 10,000 lb ocean cruiser in the Gulf of Mexico and teach you all you need to know to take it from here to wherever you want to go in the wild blue yonder!



Unlike ASA sailing, WE DON'T CHARGE PER PERSON. Our rates are for the boat and the instructor. Rates include instruction for up to 4 people! You can bring along a wife, or friend or two friends or even three! They don't even need to be involved in the class, they can just sit up on deck and enjoy the sail!


"Just Learn to Sail" Choices

We offer three main sailing courses, and then several special interest courses:


"Intro to sailing" - 1/2 day $400 for up to 4 people

- so you've never been sailing before and are wondering if this is for you. No problem, we'll take you out for 4 stress free hours of sailing where you will get a feel for how a sailboat handles and learn the basic points of sail. more info...


"Like a Virgin" - 1 day $550 for up to 4 people

 - the basics of sailing. At the end of the day, you'll know how to raise and set sails, handle the boat in different points of sail and won't say "HUH?" anymore when a sailing friend says, "Trim the mainsheet!" more info...


"Just call me Skipper" - 1 day $600 for up to 4 people

 - nope, you won't win any races yet, but you'll get somewhere a little faster than before, plus you'll know how to anchor, how to rescue that loved one that fell overboard and a BUNCH of other stuff! more info...


From a Happy Client


Very patient and informative... eager to teach us whatever we wanted to know!  They really tailored the class to our needs as a sailing family. 

It was a great opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing a larger boat with the confidence of having a captain and instructor available to answer our questions.

It is well worth the drive to the west coast to attend any of their sailing classes.

Bart, Trish, and Blake Masker

De Leon Springs, FL



Sailing school working on sails


At sailing school cranking a winch


At sailing school getting in the groove


Thrill of sailing during our sailing class

Quick Question

What happens after I have completed your classes?

Easy - to build up your sailing experience, just charter Windsong for a half day sail or full day sailing charter at discounted rates and YOU run the boat! more info...

Learn to sail on your own sailboat

Already own a sailboat and want to learn how to sail on your own boat? No problem our captains are most happy to teach you how to sail on your own boat subject to the boat's condition and suitability.  Travel fees may apply. Call for Quote.


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Thanks so much for the charter today. Captain Mark is an ideal teacher. He knows everything, but only interjects when it is helpful. He understood that I was a novice but he allowed me to experiment and luff and figure things out on my own...and then when I asked for help he would suggest what he might have done, and explain why what I had been doing didn't work.

Earlier this week I realized that I had one open day in Florida. I'd sailed for the first time recently and I wanted to learn more, but if I was going to spend my one free day on sailing I wanted to really sail; to get to handle a boat and see if I could improve. Your charter service let me do that. Captain Mark was patient, totally proficient, and consistently supportive. He explained the points of sail I was having trouble with, described basic weather patterns and signs, and let me go at my own pace. I did improve, and the experience and the trip were delightful.

Thanks again,

Mike B.
Raleigh NC

Phone: 727.859.0213        Email Us

*Packages, Prices and Policies subject to change without notice and according to your attitude!

Rates DO NOT include gratuity for captain or crew.



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